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Saturday, February 19, 2005


as in, Minnie Mouse. It appears that apartment 2A has another mouse. Although we jumped to call him Mickey #2, we've discovered this 4 legged visitor is clearly female. Unlike Mickey, who lived in the kitchen and made his presence known every day, Minnie is much more intelligent (just one reason she must be female). Minnie is athletic too. She climbs up shelves and stays out of the kitchen (she must be watching her waistline). But as with all women, she has a weakness. Her weakness: CHOCOLATE. Now Minnie doesn't visit a lot. I mean, we started to think my one roommate made her up because we never saw her. However, she paid me a few 1 am visits and even the poison and traps from the exterminator don't seem to be working. She outsmarts the traps, better than Mickey did. We caught Mickey in a few days. Minnie has been eluding us for 2 weeks now. So back to the chocolate. I didn't really understand why two nights in a row Minnie was waking me up by scurrying along my top shelf- until I happen to look up there and see a half eaten chocolate kiss from my brother's wedding favor. So the PMSing mouse likes chocolate. This was further proven when Minnie woke up Cheryl by scurrying around her bookbag eating an unopen bag of MnM's. Of course, now we've put MnM's in our traps and Ms. Minnie is nowhere to be found...


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