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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Blogging with a purpose

I wanted to try out the whole blogging thing-- but it's been a few months, and I am not really sure if this is for me. I think I am still trying to understand the function and effect of blogs for me personally. I read a lot about the effect of blogs on business, success, trends, etc., but how can my blog make a difference?

Right now, there are a few things bothering me.
1) I really don't think anyone reads it. Which as a public relations professional should know, I obviously need to market the blog better. But market it in what way? Which leads to my second dilemna.

2) I think my blog is too general. I've been reading a lot of other people's blogs. You click on one, then another, then another, it's actually quite addictive and works well with my stalkerish habits of always wanting to know what people are doing. A lot of people have blogs with a primary purpose-- such as they blog about their career, or industry as a whole. Or they blog about blogging. Or what they are reading. Or what they do each day.

Unfortunately, my blog is a big 'ol mess. I often share my thoughts about what's currently going on in my life. Clearly, I couldn't post it all, however if I was willing to be a little more free with my personal details, I would probably have a lot more readers! I like to post articles that I come across that I think are interesting and funny. However, I was also recently told by one of the few readers out there, that they don't read anything unless it's authored by me. So all the articles I post may not be read anyway-- and instead actual deter potential readers. I would love to blog about about my career on a day to day basis, but my company is pretty confidential...I definitely couldn't get away with blogging about the specifics of what I do. I could tackle the industry on a whole, but I don't think I am ready for that.

So what do I do? Do I create a few blogs-- one for random life stuff, one for career info, one for articles I like? Do I ditch blogging altogether? Do I keep going as I am going until I'm pushed into a specific direction?


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