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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

All Good Things Must Come To An End

Gosh, could my blog post titles be any more cliche? The good thing in this situation that has come to the end was the great street parking I was finding for my car in Manhattan.

While I would never keep my car permanently in the city (unless I suddenly came into a lot of money I wanted to waste), I do drive in every so often and even keep my car here for a few nights at a time.

This past weekend I was on Long Island and when I went to look up trains for the way back, I learned that they were substituting buses for train at some of the stations. Not wanting to have to take a bus and transfer, I decided to keep my car in the city for the week. It made sense since I have a work thing to drive to Friday and a friend to visit in NJ sometime this week.

Sunday when I got back to my apt, I found a spot at the end of my street...but decided I really wanted to be closer to my apt and that I should check a few times to see if a closer space opened up. On my first trip downstairs I see that the spot right in front of my building was open. I hopped in my car, parallel parked (which I am very good at) and was all set. I couldn't believe I was able to score such a sweet spot for the next 36 hours.

All set until this morning that is. I had to move my car by 8:30...and spent 6:50 to 7:50 driving around looking for any open and legal spot. No such luck. So my car is in a garage for a few days. While I can stay worry free about possibly having to move my car and deal with finding a spot, the price to pay will be pretty rough. The garages in the city cost about $20 per 24 hours.

What started off as me thinking I might be able to keep my car in the city for extended periods of time as long as I was willing to move it around depending on the street cleaning parking rules, turned back into the reality that it's stressful and often not worth it to have a car in Manhattan after all.

PS Since we're talking about Manhattan I have to share that I saw the biggest rat ever on my way home today. It was scurrying along the sidewalk and was as big as a cat! GROSS!!!!


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