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Friday, August 31, 2007

US Open Fashion

After Tuesday night's US Open matches with Sharapova and Roddick, I had this whole US Open fashion post planned out. Everyone has been making such a big deal about Sharapova's Swarovski tennis dress which I could quite honestly care less about. What I found most interesting was the sequin and black patent leather Nike bag she carried out to court with her racket bag. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any photos of the bag.

Even more inspiring was that Roddick's opponent, Justin Gimelstob, changed his shirt at least 4 times. He wore stripes, solid yellow, solid blue and solid orange. I've seen male tennis players change in the middle of a match many times but they always put on the exact same shirt they were already wearing...Justin really switched it up. But again, I couldn't find pictures of him in each of those colors.

I expect a lot of you to roll your eyes at the next thing I am about to share. It's a quote that has been circulating from Sharapova from before her match this week:

"Put on a nice outfit and some makeup," Sharapova said, "and you're the bomb."

Upon first glance, I, too, think it's an unusual and/or shallow statement for a professional athlete. What does it matter if you're wearing make-up or a cute outfit before you play a sports match. However, from personal experience, it does matter.

Confidence in sports is pivotal. And often times, in order to have that confidence you have to feel good about yourself. What better way to feel good about yourself than to feel hot and sexy in your outfit, with your hair and makeup done?

I play softball, and a friend of mine always jokes with me when she meets me at work to walk to field together that I must be playing "sexpot softball". The fact is -- with a little makeup on and a tank top that shows off some of my best assets, I am at my most confident and will play my best. And I won't lie, the guys on my team don't seem to mind too much!


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