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Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Last 36 Hours

I am convinced that my path has crossed the most inconsiderate, obnoxious and rude people in the world throughout the last 36 hours.

Between the bus line cutters, the coffee line cutters and the people on the LIRR today who pushed me so hard to get on the train that I screamed out 'Holy Shit' because I couldn't figure out where the fire was or why they were acting so violently, I've really had my fill of absolute inconsiderateness these last few days.

It all capped off with me parallel parking tonight. I drove back into the city because I need my car for a day trip tomorrow and lucky for me, found a spot on my street. As I am trying to parallel park (which I am actually rather good at), people get into the car behind me...I needed to straighten out a bit and was delighted that I actually was going to have room to do so, when this white car tries swooping into the now vacant spot as if I am not even there trying to park in front of them. Eventually they had no choice but to wait and watch me straighten out my car, but you could tell they were pissed that now instead of just pulling in, they too had to parallel park. They were giving me dirty looks as if I did something wrong. I just hope my car is still there tomorrow!

(As for the line cutting, this is a HUGE pet peeve of mine, I feel like no matter what I am waiting for, someone thinks its perfectly acceptable to just cut straight to the front of the line. It happens so much with the bus, I actually started walking to work because I hated getting so aggrevated so early in the morning.)


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