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Saturday, February 19, 2005

A Big Red Heart At My Calendar

March 8th! I'm a firm believer in always having something to look forward to. Be it a family event, tv show, date or concert-- it's important to have something to think about that makes you excited and happy.

Well yesterday, I found my next big thing to look forward to. March 8th, Prohibition, Bob Guiney Performance.

So, as many of you know, I like Bachelor Bob. I thought he was great when he was on the Bachelorette trying to win Trista's heart and he was even better when he wrote a book and put out a CD. The CD is awesome and I listen to it all the time- on my way to work, in my apartment, and the gym. It's just good music. The book however, hits much closer to home. The book gives you (or me) hope for the future. Hope that things may seem bad right now, but can be better. You just never know when your luck can change and where you'll be in a year.

Well regardless, my opportunity to see Bob perform live in a pretty small setting has finally come. Some of you may remember how excited I was last year at this time when I found out Bob was going to perform at one of my favorite venues-- The Cutting Room. However, my excitement wore off when I realized his performance was the day before the huge non-profit gala I was planning. So I tried not to cry while I worked until 5 in the morning knowing my friends Lisa and Tara were hearing Bob play, AND they even got to meet him.


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