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Monday, March 07, 2005

More on PoweR Girls

This pretty much sums up what I was trying to get at the other day...

March 7, 2005 -- Lizzie Grubman's reality show about public relations, "PoweR Girls," is pretty rotten p.r. for the world's second oldest profession, according to many in the industry.
But while her show is taking flak from fellow flacks, they say Lizzie herself comes out golden — more proof of the classic p.r. maxim: "Say anything you want about me, just spell my name right."
Debuting Thursday on MTV, "PoweR Girls" follows Grubman and four of her protégées on the job.
Many on a Post panel of publicists said what they've seen in previews is as embarrassing as Lizzie's driving.
One cited a signing that Lizzie's firm organized for Ja Rule. When he arrived, there was nothing for him to autograph.
"Why would they show that?" asked the publicist. "It made them look so bad and unprofessional."
But the publicist added: "It doesn't matter what Lizzie does. She basically ran over a bunch of people, and people still want to work with her."
Sean Mathey of Think PR was shocked to see Grubman badmouth Lindsay Lohan.
"Those people are her bread and butter," said a surprised Mathey.
Publicists were amazed that the "PoweR Girls" couldn't organize the guest list for the opening of nightclub Ruby Falls, leading to mass confusion and P.O.'d partygoers.
"We take the list pretty seriously," said one. "We need it to be perfect, or we'd be whipped for it."
Another said real publicists don't buy clothes right before a big event.
"I have my clothes picked out before that," said one. "The day of an event, I'm either at the site or at the office."
But the publicist said: "She handles her business and her employees really well. The show will probably improve her image."
But it may harm the image of other publicists, Mathey complained.
" 'PoweR Girls' shows a stereotypical side of the business," he groused. "All my friends think I'm picking models for shoots all day. Trust me, that's not the case — I work 11-hour days at the office."


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