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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Softball Diamonds

haha, the title of this post cracks me up. It's very clever if I do say so myself. Because this post is about softball and diamonds (the shiny, expensive ones).

I currently play on two softball teams and I am noticing that female players play with their engagement rings on. I can spot diamonds from a mile away and I truly can not fathom that people (as in more than one) would take a chance with such an expensive and sentimental piece of jewelry.

I am all about the symbolism of rings and personally plan to have more than one wedding ring. I will be one of those women that always has a wedding band on. I'll have the expensive fancy one for special occassions and the plain one that I can wear at the gym, playing softball, at the beach, etc. But an engagement ring??? I won't be stuffing my shimmering finger into a baseball glove ever, that's for sure.


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