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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Summer Reading List

In addition to really need to blog more and keep this thing updated, my other goal this summer is to relax at the beach and do lots of reading. Here's my summer reading list:

-- Audtion, by Barbara Walters
I hate that she is promoting this and telling all these 'secrets,' but as a media lover I still need to read it.
-- It's Only Temporary, by Evan Handler
Love this actor and can't wait to check out his writing.
-- Giving, by Bill Clinton
Hopefully this will inspire me to get my non-profit blog off the ground.
-- Out of Sync, by Lance Bass
As my roommates and I are parting ways, I dont know if we will continue our celebrity trash book club. This was on our list as a next book to read.

Since my mom started working at the local library near her house she will be able to reserve these books for me. Reviews and thoughts to come as my reading gets underway.


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