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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Daughtry @ The Nokie Theater

I never watched American Idol, but when Daughtry's music hit mainstream I became hooked! So when a coworker told he was going to be performing at The Nokie Theater in NYC, we decided to immediately get tickets. The show did not disappoint.

Daughtry played for a little more than an hour, but he totally rocked out the hits and the lesser known songs. He was wonderful at engaging the crowd and seemed at home on stage. I was also really impressed with The Nokia Theater. Aside from being located right in Times Square (which is great because it's so close to where I live, but bad because of all the people there!) the theater had great design elements. It seemed a little smaller than Roseland and a lot nice since it is brand new. Even the bathrooms were really amazing! With a circle of sinks and individual mirrors at each sink all lit in soft red lighting.
Here's hoping more artists I like make a stop at the Nokia Theater.


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