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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Freak Accident With Waterproof Mascara

I had the most bizarre experience with a cosmetic product this week. I'm obsessive when it comes to mascara. I have tubes of every type from every brand in my make up case. I usually choose waterproof mascara so it it's hot out or I'm crying I don't start looking like a raccoon.

The other day I was putting on some mascara and I poked myself in the eye. It didn't hurt at all, but I wound up with a gob of mascara on my contact lens. And although I couldn't feel it, you could see it on my eye. So I took the contact out and tried cleaning with contact solution. The black spot wouldn't come off.

I was running late so I popped the lens back in my eye and hoped it wasn't noticeable and would go away as I wore it all day. To my dismay, a few people did notice the black spot on my eye and it didn't go away. I tried cleaning it again when I got home, but still no luck. My only choice was to chuck it and put in a new lens. The only thing that gets mascara out is make up remover which would have probably made me go blind.

I tend to accidentally poke myself in the eye while applying make up often, so I may have to return to non-waterproof mascara or attempt to do my make up without any contacts in!


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