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Saturday, December 08, 2007

TV Hunks

I stopped watching television for about 5 or so years. When I was in college, the screen I wanted to spend all my time in front of was my computer, not the television. As a result, I really stopped watching any show on a regular basis. Now that a few years have passed and I finally got a great DVR, I watch more television than I ever thought I would. Most of the time I set aside a few hours on the weekend to catch up on the week's shows.

Here's my must see list every week"

  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Grey's Anatomy
  • Private Practice
  • Big Shots
  • Dirty Sexy Money
  • Desperate Housewives
  • Brothers & Sisters

Aside from the majority of the above being ABC shows, what else do they have in common? Incredibly hot and sexy male stars!

I never realized how much attractive actors could keep me tuning in every week. From leading men like Patrick Dempsey, Eric Dane, Dylan McDermont, Michael Vartan and Taye Diggs to some lesser known hunks such as Tim Daly, Josh Radnor and Dave Annable, I can't help but tune in every week. Sometimes I feel shallow, but other times I am happy to see the switch in leading men. Anyone remember who was dominating tv a few years ago? Ray Romano, Jim Belushi and Kevin James.

Daughtry @ The Nokie Theater

I never watched American Idol, but when Daughtry's music hit mainstream I became hooked! So when a coworker told he was going to be performing at The Nokie Theater in NYC, we decided to immediately get tickets. The show did not disappoint.

Daughtry played for a little more than an hour, but he totally rocked out the hits and the lesser known songs. He was wonderful at engaging the crowd and seemed at home on stage. I was also really impressed with The Nokia Theater. Aside from being located right in Times Square (which is great because it's so close to where I live, but bad because of all the people there!) the theater had great design elements. It seemed a little smaller than Roseland and a lot nice since it is brand new. Even the bathrooms were really amazing! With a circle of sinks and individual mirrors at each sink all lit in soft red lighting.
Here's hoping more artists I like make a stop at the Nokia Theater.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Reason to get married

For all you male committment-phobes out never know when you might be shot at and have your wedding ring reflect the bullet. Full story here.