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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Softball Season Ends With a Bang

It's always good to be on top, errr go out on top. That's exactly what the Fordham Young Alumni Softball team did by winning their last two games.

I must admit, we are quite the exciting team. We are the sit on the edge of your seat kind of team. We never win until our last at bat. (It seems as though we always get last licks!) We work damn hard for our wins and it shows.

I even had an RBI this game- woo hoo- which helped us tie up the game at 3 a piece mid way through.

Not sure what our overall record was. I think 5 and 8, which isn't too bad. The team is chock full of really great people. I'll definitely miss them.

Til next year....

My 100th Post

And I am writing to apologize for the lack of posts recently. My computer at home is busted and until I can get it fixed, it means a lot less posting.

I'll do my best to post after work or on my roommate's computers. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Fordham Softball Overdue Win

I just realized I never posted about the last softball game (probably because my laptop stopped working and won't boot). And we even won!

In the interest of time, if you'd like a recap, please see Charlie's post on the game and the fabulous video he put together with highlights. Last game is Monday 8/8. We'd love for you to come out and support us as we try to end the season with a bang!

A Source of Information

For the first time today a friend approached me for advice needing my expertise in public relations. I am in a service industry and it was great to be able to use my knowledge and experience to provide useful information to a friend who needed media tips.

Think about it. We all have friends in law who we call upon to review our lease or let us know what's legally binding, etc. At my age, most of my peers don't really need advice on publicity and it was a nice surprise to be able to help a friend by providing some strategic direction. (Hopefully he thinks I did a good job answering his questions!)

PS They announced my promotion at work today which felt really good and further solidified my position as a credible resource for PR information. Bring on the drinks!

Interesting new blog

Since he is my best guy friend in the whole entire universe, I just wanted to give him a shout out and let you all know about his very cool new blog Check it out, it's fabulous for a mid-afternoon chuckle.